Premium wood window & door products

We offer many choices of wood species, finished or unfinished interior, natural wood or aluminum exterior cladding. The products are fabricated on modern equipment and the process of fabrication is proper and sophisticated. One of the most important steps in fabricating any wooden product is the drying of the wood and getting it ready for fabrication. There are many exterior color choices available and the final product has many choices and variations. Our windows and doors are made of solid wood and have an excellent performance data and track record.

All orders are custom made and there are no stock or standard sizes or options. Each individual order is specifically tailored to the client and the project to make sure that each end user gets exactly what they want at the best value available.

Prestige Windows offer design-consulting services for architects and fa├žade design professionals. We can assist with detailing, designing a specific application. Post design we can provide a full set of fabrication and installation shop drawings as well as fully fabricate the product and get it ready for installation in any region by any glass professional.

Doors and windows are available in many different configurations, styles, functionality and finish.

Windows and doors can accept double or triple glazing for optimal sound and thermal performance. Available with Optional aluminum cladding


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